The science behind tomorrow’s cancer treatment

At YGION, we are developing a treatment that triggers a tumor-specific immune response in cancer patients. By tapping into the patient’s own immune system, we orchestrate its response to efficiently recognize and eliminate tumor cells.

Instead of broadly stimulating the immune system, our strategy uses a targeted immune-modulating carrier to precisely deliver neoepitope peptides to specific immune cells, known as professional antigen-presenting cells.

Our carrier delivers these peptides and activates the cells, which is essential for efficient cross-presentation.

This sophisticated deliver-and-stimulate-approach mimics the body’s natural antigen presentation process, ensuring a precise and effective immune response.

Developing individualized plug-and-play cancer vaccines

YGION has developed a proprietary suite of technologies to target the delivery of relevant neoepitope peptides to antigen-presenting cells using a specialized immune-modulating carrier.

Cell Illustration by YGION Biomedical GmbH

Understanding the interaction between the immune system and cancer is key.

Our immune system is the body’s defense against infections and abnormal cells. Understanding how it interacts with cancer is key to developing effective treatments.

As a transformative approach in cancer treatment, immunotherapy offers groundbreaking options like checkpoint inhibitors, CAR-T cell therapy, and vaccines, transforming cancer care and giving new hope.

Yet, the clinical success of these treatments varies, benefiting only a subset of patients.

Our innovative YGNITE platform leverages a streamlined, modular process to create “plug and play” personalized cancer vaccines.

We synthesize personal tumor neoepitope as small peptides and “plug” them onto our proprietary CARGONAUT immune-modulating carrier.

This results in safe, exceptionally potent, and precisely targeted activators of the patient’s immune system.

Our unique YGNITE platform centers around 3 core competency areas:

Tumor genomics

Tumor genomics.

Advanced next-generation sequencing (NGS) analysis enables the precise determination of the molecular composition of both tumor and healthy tissue for each patient.



Our in-house bioinformatics platform identifies, ranks, and selects therapeutically relevant neoepitopes.

Proprietary vaccine platform

Proprietary vaccine platform.

Personal neoepitopes are linked to our exclusive CARGONAUT carrier system, inducing a powerful cell-mediated tumor-specific immune response that targets and eliminates malignant cells with unmatched safety.

Crafting a unique treatment for each tumor and each patient.