YGION Biomedical announces €15 Million Series A Financing to develop Individualized Cancer Immunotherapies

2024-05-21T11:21:06+02:00May 21, 2024|News|

YGION Biomedical GmbH, a company dedicated to developing individualized neoantigen-based cancer vaccines, today announced the completion of a Series A financing round of €15 million from an Austrian private trust. The proceeds will be used to further develop YGION’s unique YGNITE™ technology platform and advance the lead program YG-01 into preclinical and clinical development. Founded in 2022, YGION’s high-profile team of experienced biotech veterans and entrepreneurs are focused on developing individualized “plug-and-play” cancer vaccines through a proprietary suite of technologies to identify, produce and target the delivery of relevant peptide neoepitopes resulting in safe, exceptionally potent, and precise targeted activation of the patient’s immune system. “We are on the cusp of a breakthrough in individualized cancer treatments” said … read more